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Do not let dark eye rings and bloated, puffy eye bags age you unnecessarily. Use facial yoga and facelift exercises to look years younger and reduce or eradicate them completely www.facelift-with... #faceexerciseprogram #facialworkout #reducedarkrings

Im going to put a bathing beauty poster in front of my post-baby body for the next family photo!

i have no words.. This looks like a Kentucky Artist's painting. I've forgotten his name now! But he's in Berea, Kentucky and awesome. It's Mitchess Tolle, Berea, Kentucky artist.

france's crap ban on islamic veils took effect... and this is karey's image for it. a+

joli 3/4, focus sur la pupille gauche, profondeur de champ de qqes cm, par ex avec 1 50mm à F1.8 ou 2. Point chaud sur le plat du nez provenant probablement du soleil à travers 1 petite fenetre. Imperfection qui rend ce portrait + naturel et touchant qu'1 éclairage parfait en studio...

Joy Malcry “Jojo” Species: Priestess Born: November 19th, 2437 Age: 16 Eyes: Gold Hair: Blonde (Long) Height: 5’4” She is one of the few Priestess that is allowed to travel. She decided to go to Hale Lyceum and learn about other species. Many people don’t talk to her because they are intimidated by her but she is very nice.

Brazil - Bart Nino (Nino Bartuccio)

one of my very favorite vintage photos

"Minty? What sort of name is that?" "My kind" "that's..." "It's on account of my eyes" she leaned near him and opened her eyes wide, "see, they're kind of minty, see?" "Y-yes...very nice..." He cleared his throat and gently moved the little girl out from his personal bubble, "good thing they weren't green, or you might have been called asparagus, right?"

The eye project: Make a collage of beautiful eyes from all over the world.

Stylized Eye References by =sakimichan