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  • Kat Smith

    Yep, I care way more about bees and cows than I do about people! True story.

  • Chrissy Gonzalez

    vegan point of view

  • Lisa Caravatta

    The Funny Thing About Vegans.. ahhaha

  • Ashly Sorenson

    EXACTLY!!! And then you think about it more. This is my thing about vegan diets. Cows NEED to be milked. They will die if they dont get milked. ...Eggs from chickens. The chickens dont need those eggs. ... Honey from bees. Really? The bees will be hurt if you take their honey? No. Theyll get mad but then theyll forget.

  • Claire Alden

    vegans. (not all of you!) Food for Thought: "i like bees... and i like cows... more than the immigrants that pick the vegetables that i eat."

  • Melissa Baker

    TRUTH! Thanks, I appreciate this more than you know.

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haha i passe this up like 8 times, but every time it showed up i laughed so i had to repin

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