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  • Liz Curry

    Day 2 Favorite Disney princess - Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

  • Penny Taylor

    Walt Disney Characters Princess Aurora (alias Briar Rose or Sleeping Beauty) fictional character and the title character of Disney's 1959 animated film Sleeping Beauty. Created by Walt Disney and animated by Marc Davis, Aurora is the princess of a fictionalized English kingdom set in the 14th century and King Stefan's and Queen Leah's only daughter.

  • Elizabeth Letham

    What your favorite Disney princess says about you. So True haha. Sleeping Beauty: If there is one thing in life you regret, it is not being a morning person. You’re actually really productive and active and intelligent in life — just not before 10 AM… okay, 11 AM. 11:30. In any case, people will not stop judging you, just because you love to get a good amount of sleep in the morning. It’s ridiculous.

  • Rita Zupancic

    Aurora, Sleeping Beauty ... my favorite Disney movie and Disney princess.

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