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  • Emily White

    Princess Aurora ~ Briar Rose ~ Sleeping Beauty

  • Liz Curry

    Day 2 Favorite Disney princess - Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

  • Elizabeth Letham

    What your favorite Disney princess says about you. So True haha. Sleeping Beauty: If there is one thing in life you regret, it is not being a morning person. You’re actually really productive and active and intelligent in life — just not before 10 AM… okay, 11 AM. 11:30. In any case, people will not stop judging you, just because you love to get a good amount of sleep in the morning. It’s ridiculous.

  • Rita Zupancic

    Aurora, Sleeping Beauty ... my favorite Disney movie and Disney princess.

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just as bad as "tell us one interesting thing about yourself"

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"My friend fell asleep so I turned him into a princess"

The Powerpuff Girls - oh my gosh!! Ha ha ha

Mean Girls disney princesses! hahaha

Disney Princesses In Their Princes Costumes.... Look, I get why Mulan isn't there, but we're still missing a few and it vexes me so.