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  • Annika Stevens

    Your ghetto name. i'm laughing so hard at this...

  • Kayla Gorden

    Barackshamiobamasha.....omg. I have Barack Obama in my ghetto name D:

  • Jordan Brown

    Shatatinaynay. That's my ghetto name. Hilarious.

  • Tammy Tourgeman

    Quashadidimi!!!!! (not a quote, but still too funny to pass up). Thats right, that's my ghetto name!!! Don't hate!!!! Lol!!!!

  • Danielle Bennett

    Your ghetto name. My name is Danielle in ghetto it's: Queshatakaynayobamaobamanay no lie. For short I use Dani Queshatakay much better.

  • Sandy Ramsey

    funny stuff

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