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Neat...and scary!

How to cut a bottle with string. Love the idea of using a liquor bottle as a planter.or a wine bottle!

Cut a beer bottle with nail polish remover!  This was easier than I thought!  It made a clean cut too!

Cut a beer bottle with nail polish remover! This was easier than I thought! It made a clean cut too! Going to try acetone. The nail polish remover would not light

Leftover spaghetti sauce, pickle, condiment jars. Clean thoroughly, remove all stickers, spray paint lid if necessary, & glue inexpensive knob on top to create adorable canisters! Easy peasy!!

Apothecary Jars made from spaghetti sauce jars--spray paint lid and add knob. Repurposing the pasta sauce jars!


DIY Wine bottles shelves - this picture shows the hooks & turnbuckle (?) or how the shelves are held together between the bottles.

Yarn wrapped bottles

A Clever Way To Reuse Bottles

How To Make Yarn Wrapped Bottle Vases -- upcycles old bottles and stash yarn bits. Paint Mod Podge onto the bottle. Wrap one color of yarn. All you need is a lot of yarn and a little bit of patience :)

DIY:  How to Hang Picture Frames or Gallery Walls Straight - this is an easy way to get the hanger in the right spot the first time - The Scrap Shoppe

Picture frame hanging tip: Stick a nail through a clothespin. Hang the photo from the nail attached to the clothes pin. Line up picture against wall. Lightly tap top of picture frame so nail leaves a small mark on the wall for you to hammer in a nail.

pencil stubs + washers = spinning tops that draw

This looks really fun, but simple. Take an old pencil stub and a washer and turn it into a spinning top that will draw! I assume crayons or colored pencils could be used too.

WHO KNEW? Reynolds Foil has a locking tab to keep the roll in place!

A list of Random Household Tips

Tips on all sorts of things to make life easier! I never knew Reynolds Wrap had push in tabs on the end of the box to hold the roll in place.so did my plastic wrap boxes!

DIY Party Lights - made from recycling plastic water bottles

Party lights made out of recycled plastic bottles - Save up plastic bottles and create this eco-friendly craft project. DO WITH GLASS BOTTLES