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    just listen



    Another one that I just thought was too funny!Community: 17 "Someecards" That Are Too Sassy For Their Own Good

    Oh let me count the ways! My husband comes in with muddy boots - right after I've mopped every time!


    This made me laugh. Probably more than it should have..

    Next time someone corrects you saying vase you can tell them that a vase and a "voz" are two different things, seriously.

    Story of my life

    Bye coworkers!

    Maybe that's why I'm always tired...

    I'm not crazy....isn't that what all crazy people say...hahaha!

    Every month...


    Yes this is for you bword!

    Funny Friendship Ecard: This goes to Ashley, Allison, and weekend.....whoa - CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

    Haha! So true!