• Stefanie Katouzian

    Titanic - nice one, Rose. you jerk. -- as funny as I find this I realized that (for those of you who have actually SEEN the movie more then once) it wasn't that he couldn't fit on the door, it was their combined weight made it sink. when he tried to get on it it sank into the water. So :P

  • Kaitlyn Heath

    Titanic - They could even have played cards: This series of photos that went viral set out to prove that Jack could easily have come along for the ride, and lived to a ripe old age with Rose..... finally someone shows it!!!

  • Abigail Travis

    Titanic: could have fit 2 people.... SO TRUE

  • Michelle Schwenk

    Titanic. THE DOOR WAS BIG ENOUGH FOR BOTH OF THEM. hahaha. Some people have too much time on their hands. But I have always thought that.

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