I saw chicken. Lol

If Dora were a movie..this is too good!


Once it's seen, it can not be unseen.... hahaha KFC was my first job, and I never looked at it like that before

Ahh youth!

20 Original Names for Famous Snack Foods - The Meta Picture so funny I love the cracker jack one lol

Waiting In Line // Laziness at its best


This girl knows how to live her life.

The Iceberg: SCHREEEECH!


Titanic is obviously just an Inception-prequel.


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Telling someone you love them in the best way possible. I adore rage comics. Does this count as a rage comic? Whatever.

Hahaha I never thought of it that way....but I think I would take a bullet for someone....well probably....actually I shouldn't lie;)

Poor dinosaur