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My plan: I'll work part time for VS while I'm in school for Forensic Science. Can't help it...LOVE VS.

i don't have to work there.i could just go in and buy the whole store lol.that would be on MY bucket list :)

Haha.  If I ever live in America long enough, this would be a fun hobby I think.


maybe not extreme I just would like to become a couponer! << whoo hoo Im a couponer lol


Go to Disney World with my best friend- I'm going to DisneyLAND with my best friends, so that's kind of the same thing.

bucket list -- star in a movie

Maybe not star in one. but I do want to act in a movie before I die. More than an extra, but don't want to become a "movie star" either. One maybe two indie films :)

Sadly the girls at Forever 21 in Fayetteville were on a first name basis with me... Wayyyy to much money was spent there. Lol.

Yesterday, 24 December we've bought some stuffs on this. Now, I want to replace my entire closet with clothes from there, from now on.


Kiss my love on the big screen at a game - KISS CAM! Seriously though I always wonder what happens if they put you on the kiss cam and you don't know the person next to you.

Well in dec when it was all decorated for Christmas

I actually want to see DisneyLAND at Christmas time. Disneyland may very well be my favorite place on earth. If I ever get rich I'm getting my kids a tutor for 3 months and we're spending Halloween thru New Years at the D.