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Lush Silky under wear hack!! by moi So I love lush I don’t love the prices but I love a challenge, and that is to make my own handmade products and i love to research all of my products so I know...

DIY Translucent Face Power with Corn Starch and Baby Powder - supposed to be as good as bare essentials mineral veil

DIY Face Powder « My Crazy Blessed Life! Seriously??? Never buying powder again! it's legitimately just cocoa powder and cornstarch! SO TRYING THIS!

DIY Mineral Veil Translucent Powder for under $2.00 - A Spark of Creativity

DIY: Bare Minerals Mineral Veil..might have to keep this in mind

Three recipes for homemade DIY dry shampoos (or spray dry shampoos) for dark or light hair that are inexpensive to make and work as well as store bought!

Homemade Mineral Veil (Finishing Powder). This stuff is awesome and Cheap!

Pinner said,"I've been using Make Up For Ever HD Powder, but the price is just too high for what it is.On a normal day I'm not too concerned with evening skin tone, so this seems like a good option. Apparently corn starch is good for all sorts of things!" ....worth a shot

DIY mineral veil: 1 Tbsp Corstarch, 1/2 tsp. Baby Powder. Shake together. Can add a sprinkle of pow. foundation for color (Optional)

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Homemade natural translucent powder | Great Oak Circle, blog design, logo and print design, DIY blog

DIY Mineral Veil for pennies! She uses coca powder but I might use some of my powder foundation

Bare Minerals costs about 20 bucks…. but this DIY version will cost you less than a dollar. Learn how to DIY Mineral Veil Powder. #beauty_hacks, #DIY_Mineral_veil, #mineral_veil

So before you go out to replace your powder next time… Seriously -- can't believe I spent $20 on cornstarch.

diy mineral veil powder

Mineral Veil 1 1/2 Tablespoons Cornstarch 1/8 Teaspoon Powder Foundation *Optional (this just adds a touch of color for a little extra coverage otherwise it will just go on translucent)

Translucent Mineral Veil. 2 tbsp cornstarch (or arrowroot or wheat starch), 2 tbsp sericite mica, 1 tsp silk peptide, 1 tsp zeolite clay (or kaolin), ¼ tsp magnesium stearate, 20 drops jojoba oil, Red, yellow, and brown oxides; as needed. *Blend the first 6 ingredients together in a coffee grinder until smooth. Add tiny bits of the various oxides, blending well, until you match your skin tone. Decant into a sifter jar.

Translucent Mineral Veil: 2 tbsp cornstarch (or arrowroot or wheat starch) 2 tbsp sericite mica, 1 tsp silk peptide, 1 tsp zeolite clay (or kaolin),¼ tsp magnesium stearate 20 drops jojoba oil Red, yellow, and brown oxides; as needed Blend first 6 ingredients together in coffee grinder til smooth. fine-tune color; brush some of blended powder on face (blend it in as you would apply mineral make-up). add bits of oxides, blend between adds, match skin tone. decant into sifter jar.