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Just ordered one for my closet...great organization comes in all shapes and sizes.

4koma comic strip - He Ain't a Vampire, That's for Sure

How I always feel...generally more in Spanish class, but it certainly used to happen in math.

The Best Lines of The Walking Dead Season 4

BETA: Comixed - Page 10 - Vertical 4 Pane Comics - 4koma comic strip - Cheezburger

I love pumpkin year round, but love this time of year because everyone else gets on board so I get more ideas. I don't get the "making this this fall" pins, do you not have pumpkin in your stores in April???

have not seen twilight so I cannot really say but this is still funny

Anything I do wrong I blame on being an artist too.

Getting Ready for Bikini Season

How I feel during finals week