If you are a tattoo lover, you will not miss the stylish tattoo designs for your foot. It’s easy and pretty for women to ink a foot tattoo because feet have enough space for any designs you love. So today we are going to show you some designs for you to style your own foot[Read the Rest]

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love yourself tattoo

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Rose and key tattoo design

love bird tattoos

cute bow tattoo. That's it. That's the bow I want

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Love Tattoos depict various feelings like trust, passion, faith, hope, friendship, devotion and inspiration.

Ribbon Wrist Tattoo

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I adore this quote, not only because it's Tolkien, but because it describes me so well! (I wonder if all the people posting this for 'boho' tattoo ideas realize that it's Tolkien? aka the biggest fandom in history? lol) OOOH IDEA: This goes back to the convo I was having with the boys over christmas- I could get this quote tattooed in elvish?? :)

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I would get this with daddys girl in it because my dad always used to put ribbon in my hair. Neck tattoos for women | worldsbride.comBow Tattoo Designs for Women

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