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Mount Hua - Shaanxi Province, China

The most dangerous hike in the world: Hiking Mt. Huashan in China . a steep trail of great heights (& the 90 degree staircases). South Peak altitude = feet meters) in Huashan, China.

La Casa Batlló en Barcelona, España.

Antoni Gaudi's Art Nouveau Casa Batllo' Barcelona Spain This building is so cool looking. Reminds me of mushrooms with stained glass. Alice and Wonderland like


The Hua Shan plank path. This is where the path turns truly dangerous, with nothing but planks to walk on and a rail of chains to hold onto. All to get to a teahouse on the top of the mountain.

Puente de los Inmortales, en Huang Shan, China.

Crossing the bridge

The Bridge of Immortals: Huanghsan, China. If I were to commit suicide, which I won't, I would do it here, on the Bridge of Immortals. Becoming immortal in the process.

The Swaroski Crystal Worlds in Wattens, Austria

The Swarovski Crystal Worlds (Swarovski Kristallwelten) is a museum, located in Wattens, Austria. The museum was built in 1995 in celebration of the anniversary of the Austria based crystal company Swarovski.

L'Islande, entre nature et design

Les bonnes adresses à ne pas manquer en Islande


World's deepest indoor diving pool. Situated in Belgium, the Nemo 33 pool, is the world’s deepest recreational diving pool. It has a depth of just over 100 ft (approx 33 m).

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A hidden wonder of the world - The "Valley of Love" in Ireland. almost a mile long, over half a mile high, and 3000 years older than the Pyramids. and this amazing link offers incredible image after image of "must experience" places.

L'or des rizières... / The gold of the rice-fields... / Doyishu village. / Yunnan. / China, Chine. / By Poorfish.

Golden - Doyishu village, Yuanyang, Yun’nan, China, by poorfish.