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I wanted to show you how I have already lost 24 pounds from a new natural weight loss product and want others to benefit aswell. - i need a pintervention

Pinhaler (Like when something big happens with Chris Young and new pictures come in.)

I actually stole the pin placement from someone with an original idea that was AWESOME!

It's true...I am a Pinterest Addict.

Hello my name is Tonia and I am a pinaholic.hello Tonia, my name is Alice.Hello Allice, my name is Yvette.Hello Yvette, my name is Monica. Hello Monica, my name is Katie

(story) Pinsanity! Why You’ll Go Crazy over Pinterest

Pinsanity! Why You'll Go Crazy over Pinterest

Sorry, everyone, I'm pin crazy today.I'm supposed to be studying for the GRE :/

lol! there is,  but only found out today, by accident, how to write these little notes, after how many months....

All in favor say aye! -- so many times I have thought this when I have that pin that I feel I probably pinned at some time in the past but don't want to pass it up.just in case

Pinterest Humor

Some people only 'like' stuff and hardly ever pin anything. I'm like why don't you pin things? Can you not come up with any boards to pin it on?

I need a 12 step program.

I'm starting a support group. But I'll be late to the first meeting, 'cause I'm pinning

LOL, Yes...My OCD has kicked into over drive.

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Great Disclaimer!

Should you wish to have an image removed, or you would like me to make a correction, please just contact me, by adding you comment about the relevant pin to this disclaimer board.

I get inspired by what I pin to my boards and what you all pin on yours.

Just one more pin then I'll clean or oraganize or do something a little more constructive! (Famous last works spoken by a true pinaholic)