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  • Blaine Duplantis

    Brown Safe's M1A Socom II from Springfield Armory. I considered this idea, but the cqb and the bi-pod don't go together.

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Well, since you may need to take out the Zed from a distance, do hunting or protect yourself from marauders, the M1A Socom (this one being the Brown Safe model) isn't a bad choice...

M1A Socom II from Springfield Armory that has undergone an extreme makeover at the hands of the Brown Safe Ballistic Division

Brown Safe's M1A Socom II from Springfield Armory

In my seemingly never-ending quest to acquire long range rifles, I initially skipped over the .308. My first real distance rifle was my .300 Win Mag project. More recently, I had the opportunity to pick up a .338 Lapua. TheRead More

Finally dropped my Springfield Armory Socom II in a Sage EBR stock

Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM 16 - 7.62x51mm NATO - CZ 85B Custom wood Grips

Springfield Armory Loaded M1A .308; A fantastic deal when offered, it presents an amazing value for an incredible rifle...

Wanting to add this beast to my collection, M14 Socom

M1A by ZORIN DENU, via Flickr