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Well, since you may need to take out the Zed from a distance, do hunting or protect yourself from marauders, the M1A Socom (this one being the Brown Safe model) isn't a bad choice...

Brown Safe's M1A Socom II from Springfield Armory

M1A Socom II from Springfield Armory that has undergone an extreme makeover at the hands of the Brown Safe Ballistic Division

Finally dropped my Springfield Armory Socom II in a Sage EBR stock

Springfield Armory M1A

Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM 16 - 7.62x51mm NATO

  • Tyler Marken

    Just nice compact very Versatile gun, Excellent Scout Style Scope for both eyes open sight picture, easy unit to run.

  • Chad Jones

    Had one...loved it... sold it... miss it!

Springfield Armory SOCOM 16 M1A 7.62x51mm 20rd

Really cool...Springfield Armory M1-A SOCOM

  • eric mcwilliams

    the right to bear arms? that law was written when settlers were using muskets .. duh! im sure that law wouldnt be written if automatic asault rifles were the norm back then. and besides mr simmons whos rhe douce bag? i say its the guy who calls me names just cause i have an opinion j! jerk! that law was written whem the settlers were using muskets, a weapon that shoots bullets 1 at a time. id bet if if automatic assault weapons were used they wouldnt have written it. oh and real grown up for calling me a douce just cause i have an opinion! do you kiss your mother with that mouth idiot?

  • eric mcwilliams

    ps. my kids read this page so keep your pottymouth to yourself ahole

  • Eric Bailey

    The 2nd Amendment was written with the intent for the people to be armed with weapons as advanced or better than those available to any standing army. This was done both to ensure that the people were able to assist in defending against external threats, as well as to give the people the means to overthrow their own government, if necessary. The right to bear arms for military use existed before the Constitution was conceived and will continue if the Constitution is dissolved. Human rights do not cease to exist once a society reaches a certain level of technological advancement. That said, American settlers at the time of the Revolution were the best armed people on Earth. They had rifles with superior range and accuracy to any smoothbore musket. Your typical American insurgent outgunned the average redcoat and outgunned the average American soldier, following independence. That has been the case for most of American History and, by the letter of the law, is still technically true now.

  • Rodney Gallipo

    Well said Eric bailey!

  • Ben Brandon

    The second amendment, is not where your right to defend yourself comes from. It is a natural right given by God. The 2A was supposed to keep the government from infringing on that right. Statists want only the government to be armed. We fought a war of revolution over that matter.

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Springfield armory's SOCOM M1A

Wanting to add this beast to my collection, M14 Socom

Not sure if i should put this in wood working or 2nd the tiger maple M1A

M1A 7.62 NATO Battle Rifle. I love M1A's! Sooo sweet. One historical piece of Badassery!

  • Rodney Neely

    Very nice. I like OCP.

  • David S

    How did you install the rail?

  • Glen Mayberry

    This isn't my personal rifle, I wish it was, but sadly it is not. I think that's an aftermarket stock or its one they drilled into to mount the rails.