Brown Safe's M1A Socom II from Springfield Armory

Kel-Tec are producing a short barreled shotgun (SHS) version of the Kel-Tec KSG . The KSG patrol has a 16.1" barrel (24" overall length) and the KSG Tactical has a 13.7" barrel (21.4" overall length). The shorter length decreases weight while improving maneuverability.

Beautiful Rifle

Springfield SOCOM 16

WWG CoPilot- This lever action rifle chambered in .457 will also shoot 45/70 and 410ga. It has been cerakoted FDE, has all of the Wild West Guns parts and is a take down.

A Mini-30 with a few accessories would make a great all-around centerfire rifle in a survival or SHTF situation, if a centerfire rifle was needed. The 7.62x39 round is inexpensive, plentiful, and ballistically similar to the .30-30.

Remington 700 with JAE-700 kit

Suppressed pistol and bolt gun with ammo



cumsoline: aghoulistmike: cerebralzero: M1A with custom synthetic  furniture I WANT IT Lou Ferrigno owns an M1A with one of these stock...

The Smith Enterprise Crazyhorse The Smith Enterprise Crazyhorse M1A with EBR Chassis, X14 drum, MK 4 LR/T Rifle scope & SOCOM can, and Atlas bipod. M1A with EBR Chassis, X14 drum, MK 4 LR/T Rifle scope & SOCOM can, and Atlas bipod.

Springfield SOCOM 16 on JAE chasis //

M1A Springfield Whitefeather!

Custom M14 #1 I want

.357 Magnum LeverGun & Revolver - A wonderful combination for a backwoodsman. Handgun for close defensive work against vermin, and a carbine to boost ballistics for hunting and defense against larger animals. Load selection is key though - hard cast in the carbine, JSP or JHP in the revolver.

Springfield Armory M1A dropped into a rare SEAL grey Sage EBR chassis. 308win/7.62mm NATO

M1A Rifle & Modified SOCOM II

Well, since you may need to take out the Zed from a distance, do hunting or protect yourself from marauders, the M1A Socom (this one being the Brown Safe model) isn't a bad choice...

Really cool...Springfield Armory M1-A SOCOM

Springfield M1A Scout and Remington 700 w/ JAE stocks