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Matthew Cusick.. I love his map art. I teach an art project to high school students using maps and painting over them, inspired by his work.


Love Is Making Its Way Back Home (Stop-Motion)

Illusion: Production studio Prominent Figures used over 12,000 pieces of paper to animate Josh Ritter’s music video, “Love Is Making Its Way Back Home.” It was filmed frame-by-frame the old school way.


Linocut Portraits

Illusion: When I was in high school, I had a chance to work with linoleum sheets for printmaking. It was a fantastic experience and a technique that I still enjoy today! Graphic designer Hubert Tereszkiewicz has also done a series of linocuts while he was in school, i.e. at the University of Silesia in Cieszyn, Poland. [...].


Music Made from a Tree

Musician Diego Stocco sent me an email stating that he can make music from a tree. Watch the video and be amazed by his unique work! Notes about this project from Diego: In the garden of my house there’s a tree with lots of randomly grown twigs. It looks odd and nice at the same....


A Bizarre “Echo”

Illusion: Dutch animator Bart Hess has made an unusual art film titled “Echo” for the Nationaal Glasmuseum. Although the movie’s visuals are abstract, they are quite engaging and hypnotic to look at. Additional credits go to model Ras, and music by Ricky van Broekhoven. (Image © Bart Hess)


Clap to the Music (A Stop-Motion Vid)

Illusion: Directors Kijek/Adamski used 2000 PVC silhouette cutouts to make this incredibly creative music video. Applying the stop-motion technique, the filmmakers had a painstaking task of aligning all shapes, which you can see in “the making” footage at bottom of post. This project serves to promote Japanese musician Shugo Tokumaru’s new song titled, “Katachi” (which means [...].