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Because I will always have cats I will never have this, but it's awesome nonetheless.

Glass fish shaped bowl or candy dish fishbowl nautical coastal decor aquarium

Jellyfish Art: Jellyfish Tank With 1 Jellyfish, at 4% off! I can have my own jellyfish????

Jellyfish Tank With 1 Jellyfish

Jellyfish Art - this is a real jellyfish aquarium! you can have a pet jellyfish? I want a jelly fish

Landscape fish bowl + terrarium

Glasscape Fishbowl by aruliden // Honoured with a red dot design award, and described as “beautiful” by The New York Times, it’s fair to say that the aruliden Glasscape has made a few waves in the world of design. each one is individually hand-blown

Squirrel Planter - the little squirrel will hide his head as a reminder for you to water your plant! #house #warming #gift $21

Squirrel Planter - the little squirrel will hide his head as a reminder for you to water your plant! Good for Oliver to have independent success at keeping a plant alive.

One pot, two lives. Amazing and beautiful! Perfect for my future apartment :)

One pot, two lives.

One pot, two lives; a planter and a fishtank in one to promote a beautiful example of simbiotic living. While the fish's waste provides nutrients for the plant, the plant filters the water that it is fed to provide clean water for the fish.

To keep indoor plants watered.

Bird Plant Feeders Water your plants, even when you’re away from home. Zoom Bird Plant Feeders Water your plants, even when you’re away from home.


This has got to be thee coolest aquarium I have seen for the home, it's sorta like a hamster cage with the different tubes for the fish to swim through, I WANT ONE!

glass bowl designed to look like a ziplock bag!

Unzipped Glass Bag

Much too small for any fish but nice design idea. Glass Bowl - I'm looking at this thinking Fish in bowl before skittles, never sicker. Skittles in bowl before fish, never fear.

Forget fish tanks. I want a jellyfish aquarium!

Jellyfish: man's new best friend? It's finally possible with the Desktop Jellyfish Tank. Jellyfish can't live in a regular fish tank because they will get stuck in co.

Amazing and unique kitchen gadgets that you need right now! These will make your whole life easier and turn your kitchen upside down.  Everyone needs these!

Amazing and Unique Kitchen Gadgets

Misshapen fishbowl...this is giving me anxiety...!

Bubble Tank Fish Bowl

For the fish that likes to live on the edge. From psalt design comes the bubble fish tank. A quick look through their website shows that this is just the tip of the iceberg though, psalt if full of great design. Bubble Fish tank by psalt design

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29 Best Home Aquarium Furniture Ideas To Beautify Your Room

If you loved the 25 Gallon Coffee Table Aquarium but are a bit hesitant because you were in need of something that is that bit smaller then you are going to absolutely love this. Here it is, the smaller 15 Gallon Coffee table aquarium!

Trolling neighbor like a boss

These stealthy beach sandals from Kiko-Kids have really got sole: animal footprint soles to be exact. Now your kid can make tracks to the beach right through your living room and blame it on the family cat, monkey, owl, gecko or dinosaur.