Critical thinking exit slip templates

Need a succinct way to tie up a lesson and make it meaningful to students? Looking for an activity to engage students a few moments before the bell is going to ring? Exit slips are a great way for students to summarize what they learned during class for

Fourth and Ten: Guest Post: Sandy from Soaring Through Second  Group work freebie handout

Fourth and Ten: Guest Post: Sandy from Soaring Through Second Group work freebie handout My class could really benefit from this!

The Student Leadership Challenge                                                                                                                                                                                 More

The Student Leadership Challenge (Paperback)

Jossey-Bass Higher & Adult Education: The Student Leadership Challenge: Student Workbook and Personal Leadership Journal - James M. Kouzes, Barry Z. Posner, Beth High, et al

Genius! Having this visible in the room will be awesome!

Would need to adjust to our scale, but I like the idea behind this anchor chart. This could be great for standards based grading scale.

Awesome *free* Student Self-Reflection Report Card! I love that this is cute, brief, and provides a visual indicator rather than a number scale. My younger students do so much better with pictures!

Fabulous student self-reflection tool for report card/parent-teacher conference time. via, of course, the amazing Lesson Plan SOS.

Principal requiring you and your students to TRACK DATA??!! See how this teacher created and implemented data binders for her students to track their OWN learning!!

Need to check this out.This teacher describes her math data binders STEP by STEP with pictures included for easy step and use! Freebies included and math data binders for every grade!


iPad apps for teachers. By far the most helpful list I've looked at. Most others app lists are for students but this is for teachers' efficient and effective use of iPads in class.