watermelon lion--amazing

Watermelon Peacock by wtimm9, via Flickr

Watermelon art - wow!

Watermelon Owl

Dolphin banana.


Pineapple Gator | MAC456 via Flickr

The Magic Corn Trick ~ The corn will just slide out leaving the silk and all of the husks intact.

Funny-at-all: Watermelon Art

Its a watermelone!!

If you put a growing watermelon in a square container, it will grow into a square shape!


Cute :-)

XXL Watermelon Jell-O-Shots. How have I not thought of this?! I think I need to try this for the 4th this year.

Watermelon turtle!

more fun with food...


Strawberry Roses via twitter #Strawberries

Watermelon Hacks! Creative ways for how to cut a watermelon.