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Let's agree last night was a mistake, with the mutual knowledge it will happen again at some point.


What bananas do at night…

Seriously though....... This makes so much sense. Clearly, this is what my bananas do at night.

I'm sorry I didn't make it to your party. I got stuck at home binge eating, watching TV and pinning. It was awesome. | Apology Ecard |

there are days!! Some days I like to cook, others not so much. That's why frozen dinners and takeout exist.

"I wasn't that #drunk last night!" "Dude, you congratulated a #potato for getting a part in #Toy_Story." || #ecard #someecard #alcohol #movie, ahahhaha

Haha ... do this all the time


Respect the party rules…

Respect the party rules…house rules bitches


The Night Out Vs. The Morning After

The Night Out Vs The Morning After


Every goddamn night…

Every night…


Who needs it?


BabyCenterfrom BabyCenter

I don't want to make you jealous, but...

retro funny.... @Kati Kalmar Reiter Parlier @April Cochran-Smith Garland @Leigh Basciani @Michelle Flynn DiFilippo

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