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  • ☥ Debra Biwer-Maddox ☥

    Chinese pyramid =China's Lost Pyramids Chinas government declares these OFF LIMITS to all,, and states these are NOT PYRAMIDS what so ever but burial grounds..........OK surething

  • Scheherezade

    Photo attributed to James Gaussman of the mysterious Great White Pyramid in China - it is now believed the story was actually based on Colonel Maurice Sheahan, Far Eastern director of Trans World Airlines, whose eyewitness account of a pyramid was printed in The New York Times (March 28, 1947). This particular pyramid is actually the Maoling Mausoleum, just outside of Xi’an. The Great jewelled White Pyramid has never been found.

  • Anthony Kimbrough

    Sheahan places the pyramid that he saw at the end of a valley within a mountain range. However, the published photo shows a structure lying isolated out in the open on a flat plain. Sheahan's description of the structure as having a "perfect pyramidal form" also contrasts with the flat topped appearance of the mound shown in the photo.

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