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A 1500 year old pre-columbian artifact in the shape of a modern aircraft is tested for flight worthiness.

History Is Wrong, Ancient Alien Theories

The Art of War Sun Tsu Full Documentary.

Medieval Apocalypse The Black Death National Geographic History channel HD Documentary - YouTube

The followup to the original film by: Peter Joseph w/ focus on money, corruption, scandals & Jacque Fresco / The Venus Project. Zeitgeist Moving Forward i...

Jessica Sanchez giving her best on American Idol Season 11 Top 2 Performances

(Brad Pitt) The Dark Side Of The Sun (1988) Full Movie - FREE Movies & TV Series

JOJO POST STAR GATES: Bermuda Triangle. Giant Crystal Pyramid Discovered In Bermuda Triangle - It is larger than the ones in Egypt. It is also believed that further study of this pyramid could confirm what some engineers believe about pyraminds in that they were originally designed and created as massive power sources. WHAT DO YOU SEE?? WHAT DO YOU THINK?? WHAT DO WE KNOW??

An Ancient City Is Discovered Underwater.