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Tanzania & Elephants of Amboseli 2015

The Sex Exploitation Of African Men By White Women Who Are Tourists In Kenya! | New Video

Handout or mini-poster on colorful words writers can use instead of "said." Students can put the b&w version in their writing notebooks for reference. (We Are Teachers)

Want to Become a Writer? Now’s your chance.

dialogue prompt

Dialogue Prompt

A Novel Idea: Week 2 (3 Acts and 8 Sequences) This week we're talking more about the basic story structure and what goes into each sequence.

A Novel Idea: Week One. This week, we're talking about the five key plot points and how they come together to give you a road map for your story.

Do You Know About These 5 Secret Places Around Boston? - Boston Visitors' Guide -

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Arctic explorer Peter Freuchen formed a chisel out of his own frozen feces to free himself from an avalanche.

Cleary was burned to death by her husband and family members who suspected her of being possessed by a fairy.

This is a great presentation from South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker on plotting using the key words "but" and "therefore." It's brilliant. Watch it.


Totem Pole

wolf pups are born in late winter/ early spring. Pups weighs a pound grow rapidly, gaining about three pounds per week for the first three months. Young wolves are naturally curious, bold, and aggressive, which is important as they start to explore their world and form relationships within the pack.

Omega Wolf The lowest-ranking wolf in a pack is called the omega, and in The Sawtooth Pack that position was held for many years by Lakota. The omega must constantly submit to his fellow pack members, and is sometimes persecuted by them or treated as a scapegoat. However, omegas often take the initiative in play, thus helping to ease tensions in the pack.

Beta Wolf in The Sawtooth Pack, Matsi embodied all that was magical about wolves. He was a wolf that gave everything of himself for the benefit of he pack. He patrolled their territory, took care of the pups, maintained peace and order- and throughout all this, he seemed completely content not to rule. Matsi taught us that the workings of a wolf society are deeper and more complex then we will ever know.


The Totally Biased Deaf Jam! Rockstar ASL interpreter Amber Galloway Gallego signs hip hop jams and our contestants name the tune!

The emotional guidance scale

#writing How to Build a world #writinghelp #WorldBuilding

As a writer, creating characters is probably the most important thing you do. Get it wrong, and the story will be wrong no matter how well plotted. Here are 25 things to know.

Scene disasters come in every variety imaginable, but we can attempt to narrow them down into the four basic categories.