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Crop Circle

Crop Circle Locations - How Crop Circles Work Formation at Avebury Trusloe in Wiltshire

Avebury Trusloe, Wiltshire UK - July 6, 2013 ...:

Crop circle, Avebury Trusloe, Wiltshire UK - July I've never seen this one.

A message from the Time Lords!

I like the intricate beauty of big crop circles, and how there is a shroud of mystery and intrigue around them. Huge beautiful shapes that appear overnight.


Crop Circles : Ancient Symbols for Mankind (Video) Posted on May 2015 by Delve into the Crop Circle phenomenon with a film maker who has visited more than 100 Crop Circles personally.

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Crop Circles are beautiful, mysterious phenomena's that appear in fields in the UK, countries thought Europe and in the United States of America

The Earth Plan: Dolores Cannon on Crop Circles

A short video (less than 9 minutes) from Dolores Cannon with her views on crop circles. For me, the most important point in the vide.