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sounds about right

This is THE BEST ONE! Saying "we can still be friends" after a breakup is like saying "hey the dog died but we can still keep it." Anyone else out there with an ex like that?

I'm not saying I'm Batman, but you've never seeing Batman and I in the same room. Just saying...

I'm not saying I'm Batman, I am just saying no one has ever seen me and Batman in the same room together.


'My Dog Taught Me' Box Sign.I especially love, run to greet loved ones when they return and snuggle at the end of the day no matter what! Adding those two to my must do every day list!

Literally i went to justice on Black Friday and only like 3 racks were on sale and it was the UGLY clothes.

This is not a teenager post. This is an any woman of any age post. Honestly, I think its hilarious when i see a huge red sign that reads "sale" and things are only 20 cents less than the original price.

I always tell myself, it's okay Erin it's only one video; then in comes the classic SpongeBob narration  ( 2 HOURS LATER) And then you realize you can never get the time back you just wasted

Not a video of how to talk to a giraffe but more video of how to do your make up and stuff

Raise the rent and kick them out!

Don't let negative and toxic people rent space in your head. Raise the rent and kick them out! Yep its what i do already.kick them out!