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A little heavy handed with the Bruce Lee schtick, but cool drawings.

Just A Little Bruce Lee

The highest technique is to have no technique.My technique is a result of your technique;my movement is a result of your movement.A good JKD man does not oppose force or give way completely. He is pliable as a spring; he is the complement and not the opposition to his opponent’s strength. He has no technique; he makes his opponent's technique his technique. He has no design; he makes opportunity his design. One should not respond to circumstance with artificial and "wooden" prearrangement.

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This image brings so many childhood memories. I wanted to be like Bruce Lee growing up. I became a black belt in karate at a very young age because of his inspiration.

Se você gastar muito tempo pensando em uma coisa, você nunca vai obtê-lo feito - Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee, one of my childhood heroes. I still love his overall style, philosophy and amazingly fast fighting skills. Since Bruce Lee only three other martial artists come close to him, in my humble opinion: Jet Li, Donnie Yen and JeeJa Yanin.