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Glenn Beck Tears Apart Jeb Bush: 'Maybe It's Time to Stop Listening to the Bush family....We need to keep government out of our healthcare...Glenn also reminds us of 'progressive' things from the 2 Bush Administrations: New World Order, Patriot Act, open borders/globalization, TSA, HHS, never-ending wars, Justices Roberts & Souter, ethanol mandates, Common Core, TARP, 1st Stimulus, fluorescent lights, Save Free Market, auto bailout, Neil Bush Savings & Loan problem, Rove, Norquist, etc

Proof Zombies Exist: Jeb Bush Commits Suicide, Still Walking Around Looking for Brains 2-6-15 MB We Won't be surprised if big democrat $$ starts flowing into jeb 2016 just like it did for Todd Akin


Florida Mother of Six Fights “The Machine” of Jeb Bush and Bill Gates, FLA Legislature

Florida Mother of Six Fights "The Machine" of Jeb Bush and Bill Gates, FLA Legislature

Obama is not as bad as the GOP makes it seem. They just want control again so they make up lies...

Cutting Libraries in a Recession is like Cutting Hospitals in a Plague. by Daniel Solis, via Flickr #library #libraries #librarians