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So please leave me alone! Life with Fibromyalgia/ Chronic Illness

Yes it does suck. Every time I start to feel better depression sucks me back in.


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Understanding introverted people…

Some days I feel like this

It's okay to feel sad. Any feeling is okay. So long as we accept it and become still to hear what it's trying to tell us about our poorly nurtured needs.

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone that followed me on here and liked my pins. It meant a lot more to me than you know. No one really knows me but people's lies have destroyed my life. It can't be fixed. I have no hope left and this is not a temporary thing that will just pass. So I quit. I'm done. I always believed in God and Jesus. They're real. But God hates me. He isn't going to help me. So I'm gone. I don't even want to go to heaven. I just want to die and be gone forever. Nothing…

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This Is Not The Life I Ordered

Ha! It's not the entire life I ordered - I do have my family, friends, house, and dogs which are of the life I ordered..

If only you could "walk in a Lymie's shoes," then people would have a better perspective and understanding of what it's like to fight Lyme Disease and tick-borne diseases physically, mentally, and emotionally,

Quote on mental health stigma: I had people saying 'it's all in your head'. Do you honestly think I want to feel this way?

Life with chronic illness - sometimes hard to hear, and for some people it DOES get better. but the truth is, are scales of what we tolerate grow...

I feel alive, and I don't like it.

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