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  • Frannie Anne Villano

    Changua is a cheese, scallion, and milk soup served for breakfast in Colombia. Click the picture for some awesome bfasts from around the world! My favorite is the hawaiian one. :9

  • SOL SUN ❤️

    Breakfast in Colombia – there are a variety of regional staples to keep your stomach grumbles at bay throughout the day. In Cundinamarca this changua dish is very popular. It’s made from milk, scallions and cheese.

  • Amy Lee

    Changua is a cheese, scallion, and milk soup served for breakfast in Colombia. PLUS 50 of the world's best breakfasts!

  • Bott & Company

    Changua - Colombian Breakfast Soup

  • Sena Serene

    Colombia: Changua Milk, Scallion, and Egg soup //30 Traditional Breakfasts From Around the World ~ Damn Cool Pictures

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The Little Corner / Remko Kraaljeveld

No me diréis que habéis salido de casa sin desayunar, ¿no? A ver si dando envidia solucionamos el de mañana… ¡no os lo podéis perder! Cereales, pan, fruta y CAFEEEEEEEEeeeeee, ¡ ñam!

the bed has the power of making everything taste good

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