abandoned fairytale theme park

11 Abandoned American Hospitals and Asylums "Open" for Exploration - It would be so cool to explore these places with a camera. Lots of stories and history hidden in the walls.

Abandoned Wizard of Oz theme park... all my childhood dreams have come at once! North Carolina

The Board Game Art Park in Philadelphia is full of scattered game pieces. It's a fun place to walk through.

Blairsden Mansion by Abandoned New Jersey

Ocean City, NJ

Upstate New York - abandoned castle

Once an amazing mountain getaway, the abandoned Dundas Castle now lies hidden on a sprawling 964 acres of forestland in Roscoe, NY, and at first glance looks like a bustling medieval village.

Abandoned castle

Hamburg, NJ - Gingerbread Castle

Skillman Village, New Jersey. Best ghost hunting adventure ever. 230 acres of abandonned mental asylums.

Sinking castle in Italy abandoned

Love the idea of an old house! FORSAKEN: Abandoned In And Around New Jersey -- Weird NJ via Billy Jam

Man Id love to go to Spreepark - abandoned Theme Park in Berlin...

Boathouse Row is stunning. Enjoy biking, running, dog walking, or watch regattas on the Schuylkill River. The boathouses also are outlined with lights, and they look like gingerbread houses. It. Is. Gorgeous.

Spreepark, an abandoned theme park in Berlin, Germany.


The abandoned diner on route 22 near Whitehouse Station, NJ.