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God please hear my prayer. God please forgive me for my sins and bless the sick and give hope to the people that are going through tough times in their life. Amen

When I put this hat on him and told him to stay, I half expected him to shake it off because I had covered his eyes. But, he humored me and kept it on even after I had gotten the shot I wanted. The things he will do for a piece of lamb jerky, haha. W Haii this is Shake It Of Cover with the totally different Version of Taylor Swift version

i get to pick my little guy up from the breeder at the beginning of april. he is going to be so cute :-)

"The reason cats climb so they can look down on almost ant other animal...that's also the reason they hate birds." --K C Buffington

Here's the idea: Give children closeup pictures of animals, flowers, buildings, etc - and have them recreate the picture. I think they could do something with a simple picture like this...

Mother's love