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It's dangerous to go Holmes alone! Take a Watson with you. #Sherlock

Don't mess with John Watson, MD!

I loved this scene, because Sherlock did what I always wish I could do: mercilessly correct people's grammar. (Un?) Fortunately I'm not a high-functioning sociopath, so it would be unacceptable for me to do this.

Cuz he isn't. Like, he's not even close. He's just there. He's like the two guys in White Chicks. It's so obvious their not really guys, but some stupid people think that they are. Benedict, you are the only Sherlock for me, sweetie

Ryan Sullivan Wilson so.....hmm....this could quite possibly be a re-make of one our texts ;)

Sherlock Holmes Print Watson Arthur Conan Doyle by LitPrints, $15.00

Who is Sherlock Holmes?- I've gotta go with Ben, even though I love RDJ.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman as Sherlock Holmes and John Watson--"Sherlock"

Watson- Making fun of Holmes. Aww hahaha (I know this isn't BBC Sherlock, but I liked it too much to pass up)

A Day in the Life of Sherlock Holmes