What the what?

What the shoe?!

I dislike them all except the mallard duck shoes. Seems like something the wives would wear off Duck Dynasty

spaghetti shoes? right, mmmmm getting hungry just looking at these beauties

Shoe Sculptures, "Spaghetti Stiletto" by Robert Tabor. "He has made amazing, although maybe not entirely functional, shoes that are works of art.

OH MY, I think these have to be in my shoe collection just because they're so damn cool!

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Women Types Of Shoes Encyclopedia for characters (this is going in my closet next to my shoe collection!

47 Awesome and Unusual Shoes | SmilePanic

Paper fashion shoes Le Creative Sweatshop (Ndeur + Make A Paper world)


Singer Grace Slick stands before members of Jefferson Airplane in a Bohemian ensemble just off-stage at the 1969 Woodstock Music Festival.Photo Credit: Hulton Archive/Getty Images - via StyleListCanada