• Tena Andersen

    Year you met, married, baby was born. Great gift for a guy. Gift idea for our anniversary

  • Suzanna Brinkworth Brinkerhoff

    So cute for a simple anniversary gift especially if the pennies have your birth year on them

  • Lisa Desrosiers-Horwitz

    Year you met, year you were married. cutest thing ever. Anniversary gift? Love this - we used pennies of the year we were born for our wedding - this would be cool! Great for kids birth year too!

  • Valerie Barber

    CUTE idea for a gift for Mark (or any guy really). Choose important events and find the pennies for those years. Could use for anniversary or Father's Day.Year you met, married, baby was born. Great gift for a guy! | Lets get crafty, cheap!

  • Jae Balden

    I think this is a great gift idea- especially for a guy. Every time I see a penny from 1987 I grin a bit. I'm gonna start looking for ones from 2007 now!

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