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Tyres; "Last night? Last night was A1, tip-top, clubbing jam fair. It was a sandwich of fun on ecstasy bread, wrapped up in a big bag like disco fudge. It doesn't get much better than that, I just wish I could control these FOCKING MOOD SWINGS!!"

US dvd Launch, with Kevin Smith, Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright, and about half a dozen thrilled fans.

Rare The Office blooper with Tim and Keith.

Spaced - Best show ever.

Some more Spaced. btw, it's on netflix instant so everybody should watch it!

▶ Spaced | Unspoken Telepathy | Channel 4 - YouTube simon pegg and nick frost brilliant

Tyres; "Oh I see, ya don't call me for weeks and now your askin' me for a favour? That's nice that is! Do you know the last time I seen you, you said you wished I was your dad! And ya hugged me for the entire length of the Acid Tweekin Funk Mix of Josh Wink's 'Higher State of Consciousness!"

Judy Garland- Forget your troubles c'mon get happy, You better chase all your cares away. Shout hallejulah c'mon get happy Get ready for the judgement day.