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    Hemingway, you old sap.

    Letting GO!


    One of the most beautiful things I've ever read.

    The hardest thing is the last goodbye, especially if you didn't know it really was the very last one.

    Holding hands

    "There are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice." ~F Scott Fitzgerald #quotes So true

    Christopher Poindexter

    08.12.15 Goodnight sexy man. I find u so incredibly attractive and always will even wen Ur old and grey. I love you papi. TTMAB forever.

    "After a while, you just want to be with the one that makes you laugh." - Mr. Big. SATC

    Ernest Hemingway.

    I love this...lucky for me my firdt love was my first kiss....and is now my husband and will always be my one true love. He was the one I compared everyone too when we weren't together. But after losing touch for almost ten years we found each other again ♥♥ and we'll always be together

    Never live with regret. Whether good or bad, you always learn a lesson so why should you regret that. No regret, no excuses. Don't let life pass you by because you were too afraid to live it, or too stupid and settled for what you were dealt!

    "You're made of so much beauty, but it seems that you forgot, when you decided that you were defined, by all the things you're not." -so beautiful.

    You do Baby!! Incredible & wonderful feelings!! You thrill me..inspire me..make me fall in love with YOU every day!! I Miss YOU so much Baby!! I keep seeing you in my mind & I wish I was there with YOU!! I love the way U feel in my arms! I want to hold u fall asleep holding each other close! To wake up during the night & pull U closer & know that U are really there!! I Love YOU so very, very much!!! Sweet Dreams Baby! Snuggle close so I can hold U tight & feel your softness!! ***

    "I love to kiss you so you never forget how deeply I truly love you; my wife; my soulmate ;my everything."


    I want to hold your hand, laugh at your jokes, walk by your side, snuggle on the couch, look into your eyes, talk about whatever, and kiss your lips every single day.

    Missing you, #deployment, military spouse

    Is "Drunk on You" Luke Bryan's BEST Song Ever? Comment on which one could be better.

    risks worth taking