School students in the village of Hamesh Koreb, Sudan. The area was the stronghold of the Eastern Front, who were allied to the Southern forces against the Government in Khartoum during the country's civil war. [Photo: J.B. Russell / MAG, 2011]


Village school, Afghanistan

Village elementary school in Pakistan

Koranic School - Touareg Village - Africa


Refugee camp school, Darfur Sudan


Musna El Basal School, Kassala, Sudan

Khartoum Sudan

(#4) Because of the destruction from the civil war, places of education are limited in the South and the West of Sudan. The schools that are still there are either destroyed or heavily damaged.

Tanzania, Africa by Adrian Paul. A small group of young Maasai children at their outdoor school village school in Northern Tanzania.

Exams by Qusai Akoud University of Khartoum, Sudan

Dying Process in Sudan

The Natinga School camp for displaced Sudanese, Southern Sudan, 1995. [Credit : Sebastião Salgado]

Africa | "Field School Natinga for displaced Sudanese. South Sudan" | ©Sebastiao Salgado, 1995

Japanese traditional classroom of elementary school at Totsukawa village, Nara

School room for girls in Afghanistan

Tibet School

Burma (Myanmar)

On the way to school . Afghanistan