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Pocahontas Unit ~ Poppins Book Nook ~ Royal Little Lambs

Pocahontas~A Mini Unit (Women's History)

Pocahontas Social Studies Unit. Writing pages, 2 page close reading. Great for a character study ELA.

clouds - weather unit

knights unit

Election Unit Study

Are you looking for engaging activities and materials to use during your Jamestown unit? This is the perfect product for you! Jamestown has a story to tell and we, as history teachers, have the privilege of revealing this amazing story! Jamestown was a turbulent settlement that ultimately became successful!

President's Day and U.S. Symbols #self personality #soft skills #softskills| http://tipsforsoftskillskelton.blogspot.com

Jamestown - Pocahontas Excellent chapter book of Pocahontas gr. 3-12 and talks about the Christian faith of Pocahontas

This Pocahontas Mini Unit for kindergarten or 1st grade includes- a reading group reader at two different levels a was/had/lived tree map a non-fiction writing book If you teach in VA thi...

states unit studies

Lorax mini unit

Five Senses Unit- Smell Activity

Third book in curriculum is Pocahontas Additional book to check out at library


Knight Unit Study (Free)

Geologist, etc. for each science unit

Great ideas for having a Little House on the Prairie Unit Study either in your co-op or home.

Pocahontas- 19 Pages of Fun Activities product from Your-Teachers-Aide on TeachersNotebook.com

Kirsten Pioneer Unit Study