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My Chemical Romance- Desolation Row video

Video Still: My Chemical Romance, "Desolation Row" from the Watchmen soundtrack.-Desolation Row has been on replay for several days.

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Frank is like: "No, don't leave me, I swear it wasn't what it looked like!


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My Chem. - my-chemical-romance Photo

HD Wallpaper and background photos of My Chem. for fans of My Chemical Romance images.

Knowing them it probably was

Oml Gerard is the dad, Frank is the mom, Mikey is the uncle, and Ray is the child.<<<<This description tho

MCR who stood for all the kids that got bullied for wearing black and eyeliner in middle and high school. They stood for the misfits and oddballs and when I listen to them I feel perfect the way I am.  they won't see this but thank you Ray, Frank, Gerard, Mikey, and Bob. I love you guys.

This is the best MCR pic ever if you disagree we are no longer friends bye

Bob looks like he doesn't want to be there. Gerard looks overly excited. Mikey looks a little uncomfortable. Frank looks super happy.

Omg it looks like Gerard and Mikey have no eyes !!!

Omg it looks like Gerard and Mikey have no eyes !!!