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My new favorite meme (sorry unimpressed McKayla), especially since there are tax references in the @PaulRyanGosling Twitter feed

Paul Ryan: Murderer of Opportunity, Political Coward, Candidate for Vice President of the United States By Charles P. Pierce

Video about sex trafficking. Bet the guys felt like the idiots they are when it was the end.

Paul Ryan's Budget Games by James Surowiecki in The New Yorker Aug. 12, 2012 /120409_r22039_p233.jpg : Does Obama’s Plan ‘Gut Welfare Reform’? No, no it doesn't. Another lie from the Romney team.

Stop corporate welfare! Exxon and 30 other VERY profitable top earning businesses in our nation pay ZERO taxes!

Republican Paul Ryan Protects Rapists Rights in New Fetus Bill - "It’s great that rapists have a voice in D.C., because what they crave the most is more power and control over their victims – and what better way to achieve that than to reward a rapist with the power to force his victim to carry his fetus to term. Representative Ryan has managed to incentivize rape."

"Same-Sex Couples should be able To Get Married." Stand up with the President. @BarackObama

Guess How Many Laws Targeting Women's Reproductive Rights Were Introduced In 2011? By Veracity Stew.