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    Gotta be a joke.


    MUST WATCH: Jesus loves you. This guy loves Jesus. And I love this guy. Says an atheist. @fwbcdal @upworthy

    Why Mitt Romney? "Pick a Republican with enough working digits to hold a pen" -- Grover Norquist

    The most disturbing political statement I've ever heard..and of course its from the mouth of an corporate-owned republican climate denier ! Truth is: Wind is generated from the Sun's energy. It heats the air, hot air rises, cool air falls in to replace it. As long as the Sun shines on the Earth, we'll always have more wind.

    Truth be told... "....make this country work...."

    I think it's the smug sense of superiority that annoys me most. Paul Ryan Is Not a Vice President. Paul Ryan Is a Fake.

    Congrats, Mr. Prez. Well earned. As Beyonce might say, "I can see your gaylo."


    The scandal behind Romney's new attack ad - The Maddow Blog (HINT_ It is based on a BIG FAT LIE)

    Here's how Canadians viewed the American voters after they swept Republicans into office: You guys are nuts for rejecting Obama.

    Yes It Can

    What Paul Ryan would sound like if he was hitting on you...

    The Obamas - You Can't Fake That!

    Facts are stubborn things...

    Truth be told...

    President Barack Obama.. Man of grace.

    underthemountainb... way too much hidden!!! & ?Y? what else is there being hidden from the public whom he is seeking to,lead? ?what kind of person refuses to reveal what others do when seeking such an important public office? this man is troubling & troubled!!! not to be trusted with our nation!!!


    The Radical Ryan Budget