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3 Essential Things To Read About Paul Ryan Today

Mitt Romney chose super-conservative superstar Rep. Paul Ryan as his vice-presidential nominee this morning. Read these articles if you want to know who he is and what this might mean for America.

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A thousand times this guy breaking open the smug privilege of those who mock fast food (and other low wage) jobs. Well done!

Republican hypocrisy - Where were the religious nuts and NRA crazies then, screaming to impeach Bush?

linked from Massholes against Mitt Romney. I am sad i did not think of that name first.

Normally I do not post this sort of thing, and I've posted a lot today, but I'm leaving this here anyhow. Without approving or disapproving of homosexuality, baptist Pastor Haynes pulls off a truly maverick sermon by telling his congregation to sit down, chill out, and unbunch their collective drawers over the President's stance on gay marriage.

The most disturbing political statement I’ve ever heard // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures

I think it's the smug sense of superiority that annoys me most. Paul Ryan Is Not a Vice President. Paul Ryan Is a Fake.

And by ignorance, I mean everything you think you know, but don''re not stupid, you just don't see the whole picture. 'Closedmindedness''s a disease and it infects your brain....and heart.

Video: Obama drops work requirement for Welfare on July 12, 2012. Under Obama's plan, you "wouldn't have to work, and wouldn't have to train for a job" to get a Welfare check. Another example of BO helping people be dependent on the government.

Here's how Canadians viewed the American voters after they swept Republicans into office: You guys are nuts for rejecting Obama.

My new favorite meme (sorry unimpressed McKayla), especially since there are tax references in the @PaulRyanGosling Twitter feed

He may be great with money (at least making it, I'm not sure how legal it was) but he's horrible with vaginas!!!