Holy...I had forgotten all about this crap

Colorful Plastic Bubbles

Exclamation! #80s #fragrance

ALPHIE!!!!!!!!!!! Loved him!

Eating your vanilla ice cream with a wooden spoon: | 38 Things That Will Take '80s Kids Back To Their Elementary School Days

Organizing all your cosmetics, bath products, and jewelry in a Caboodle (which in itself was sort of the reason to buy tons of stuff to put inside it). | 53 Things Only '80s Girls Can Understand


50 Things That Look Just Like Your Childhood. I remember a really good number of these things (: Heads Up Seven-Up!!!

had a balancing bird it even made noise.

I totally had this... Tinkerbell cologne, talc, lotion and bubble bath.

90's Foods - How 90's are you? I miss all of these, why dont they make theseee???!!?!

you know you're a 90's kid.. My dad use to make Lisa frank stickers and them my siblings and I would slang them at school. We kept money in our pockets.

Dear Diary, AHHHH loved this.

YES! this was my friday night drink with my friends!



I loved this stuff

Had one of these.

New York Seltzer

40 Things That Will Make You Feel Old. Yep, that's how I feel.