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  • Brittany Bryce

    Undressed Skeleton — 12 Lighter Homemade Pop-Tarts! Minus the frosting

  • Jennifer Cramer

    Lighter Homemade Poptarts. Dough: 1 C Whole Wheat Flour, 1 C White Flour 2 T Baking Stevia, 1/2 t Salt, 1/4 C Plain yogurt, 1/4 C Butter 3 T Skim Milk. FLAVOURS: Black Cherry Light Lemon Curd Brown Sugar Cinnamon Smores Blackberry Jam Sweet Green Apple Blueberry Cobbler Banana Cinnamon Coconut Almond Cream Dark Chocolate Latte Sweet Peach Apple Pie Oats

  • Kerri Clark

    This is why I'm not the best mom ever. I'll never give my kids homemade pop tarts. Then again, I probably shouldn't give them pop tarts at all? Spiraling into despair. 12 Lighter Homemade Pop-Tarts (1. Blueberry Cobbler, 2. Sweet Peach, 3. Brown Sugar Cinnamon, 4. Blackberry Jam, 5. Banana Cinnamon, 6. Lemon Curd, 7. Apple Pie, 8. Cherry Cream, 9. Coconut Almond Cream, 10. Sweet Green Apple, 11. Dark Chocolate Latte, 12. S'mores)

  • Sarai Lyon

    Lighter Homemade Poptarts! 12 Flavors! I'm making these like, now.

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12 Lighter, Healthier Homemade Pop-Tarts for Breakfast or School lunches