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I'm a fearsome dragon. I'm a fire drake from the north. Anyone get that refrence

I am Smaug! I am fire. I am death! I am going inside because mom just got out the fishy crackers

So true

Awkward moment when: your old crush texts you after not talking to you for half a year just to tell you about his "hot" girlfriend. (Who looks like she's :/ haha--- my texting life.

Loved saying this to my campers and can't WAIT to say it to my kids!! Bring it on kiddos. When you are old enough I will tell you that when you told me that I've been plotting to embarrass you since I was a teenager, YOU WERE TOTES RIGHT!!!!

Who else hates when their mom says because I said so? I asked my mom do I really have to go to group therapy one time and she started yelling. I'm going to start using that next time she asks me to do something