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Kiss Me Dirty Mud Run Obstacles - Teeter Me TotterTM

Fear factor party-- obstacle course(2 at a time so have two of each thing and two pairs of goggles) 1. Eat pie(whipped cream on a plate) with no hands 2. Run around come 5 times while being shot with water gun 3. Slipping slide with chocolate syrup and soap 4. Tackle dummy with water balloon in shirt/pants 5. Get marbles out of ice water with toes for 30 seconds 6. Crawl under a pole over kiddie pool of mud First to finish gets 10pts second gets 5pts

Kid-friendly, non-competitive, mud run fundraiser, themed M-o-o-ving Thru’ the Mud with Landon, to raise funds for medical expenses incurred by families fighting hypothalamic hamartoma, a rare form of brain lesion. The adventure run is situated on a real farm with obstacles for children 4 to 14 years old. Kids compete at their own pace and will be challenged by a one-mile mud-filled course. Gainesville, TX Call: 940-372-0343

This is a production i put together to show my current ninja warrior course that I have in my backyard. I have 9 obstacles that include the cliffhanger, salm...