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    Gummy Bears


    Alcohol-infused Gummy Bears!

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    • Ashley Woodburn

      * like to entertain my guest. ***^***

    • Courtney Landsberger

      Lol how do people come up with this stuff?! I think it's a great idea for adult parties- just make sure the kiddos don't eat any!

    • Heather Tiedemann

      Yeah like kids wouldn't come up with this shit own their own. While I lived in Europe for 4 years I heard stories about European teenagers soaking tampons in vodka and then inserting into the ass to get drunk... So yeah don't other people for what kids do... I know when I was a teenager I wouldn't have thought to stick a vodka soaked tampon in my ass to get drunk

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    Vodka Gummy Bears ----HOLY COW why have I not thought of this

    Best vodka-infused gummi bear recipe I've found! Well worth the wait!

    Skittle Bombs: Take bottles of unflavored vodka and packs of skittles. Pick a skittle color and put them all in a bottle. Shake until they dissolve. Freeze to chill before serving.--- These are sooo goood! Hhmm want to try this!

    Drunken Gummy Bears.. 3 days soaking in vodka! (Could do with gummy worms and spiders..... more halloween-y than bears) also... it's kind of the same idea as jello shots

    gummy bears

    30 awesome shots everyone should know how to make - Sarcastic Charm

    21 different jello shot recipes - always a good thing to have!

    Drunken Chocolate Covered Strawberries. Large Strawberries soaked in chocolate vodka for 24 hours. Pat dry. Dip into melted chocolate and let dry on wax paper.

    Best Recipe for Drunken Gummy Bears!

    ~ The Fish Bowl - ½ cup Nerds candy, ½ gallon goldfish bowl, 5 oz. vodka, 5 oz. Malibu rum, 3 oz. blue Curacao, 6 oz. sweet-and-sour mix, 16 oz. pineapple juice, 16 oz. Sprite, 3 slices each: lemon, lime, orange, 4 Swedish gummy fish. Sprinkle Nerds on bottom of bowl as “gravel.” Fill bowl with ice. Add remaining ingredients. Serve with 18-inch party straws.

    the best recipe for drunk gummie bears! By adding the fruit punch you do not even taste the alcohol, keep them away from the kids!

    Jolly Rancher Vodka shots & Vodka Gummy Bears.

    alcoholic lollipops - This is awesome!

    Hot Caramel Apple Cider (booze infused))

    Redbull and Vodka Jello Shots!

    How To Make Strawberry Margarita Jello Shots

    (this is how we will sneak alcohol into a park-plus, we can make sure the kids only eat small gummy bears because the big gummies will be soaked with vodka!) vodka gummy bears, jello shots, skittles vodka - all the good recipes here!

    raspberry simply lemonade, malibu rum, ice and blend.. Well that sounds wonderful.