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  • Lura

    fyeah spike! : Photo

  • Anne Serkin

    Spike, it's the coat, it's magic. Which the writers have fun with in one episode. Where a varsity jacket makes any boy who wears it irresistible to women. If you've seen James with he's real hair and clothes he's good looking but women aren't going to get crazy and rip him to pieces like Orpheus. For which he is no doubt thankful.

  • Diane Jackson

    Spike aka James Marsters

  • Emily Beamon

    James Marsters as Spike from BtVS

  • luminousmortal

    James Marsters as Spike in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel"

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James Marster. One of the only reason I watched Buffy ;)

Started watching Buffy again and im still in live with Spike...."James Marsters...Buffy, Angel, AND Torchwood. One of the best "put on" English accents ever."

James Marsters. Good old Spike, the evil vampire turned good. His blonde hair is other worldly. I haven't seen him in anything since Buffy. But he is sexy.

What the heck! Spike with a guitar! um yes please. ♥ James Marsters

James Marsters as Spike, debuted in 'Buffy' and crossed over to 'Angel'

James Marsters. K, so what makes this man sexy as all hell, other than the obvious(see picture). Is his MIND! Sweet Jesus does he have a naughty naughty brain, with intelligence to go with it. Makes my knees weak. Ah James(sigh). :-)

James Marsters as Spike (Buffy the Vampire slayer) can't make a sexy vampire board without including Spike! :D

"Come on! I know that you wanna hug me!" ❤️ Also he still looks adorable from this angle! ❤️❤️❤️

James Marsters, my first crush and part the inspiration for so much of my creative childhood!

James Marsters - He will always be Spike, He will always be a dangerously hot bad boy, and I will always love him. *sigh*