omg treebed.

TREES!!! ♥

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Ok while I wouldnt go that far in my bedroom, this can def be the forest room in my 20 uniquely custom made rooms of my dream house...

Branch shelves

Tree Staircase customized from Metals & Nature

8 Romantic Bedroom Ideas From Lonny That Will Totally Get You In The Mood (PHOTOS). DONE.... I have found my dream bed frame.


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Absolutely love

This. I am going to have THIS somewhere in my house.

trees trees trees


Tree staircase is awesome.

A minimalist -industrial look for a barnwood hanging bed. I really love the look of this very simple bed frame, suspended with these iron rods. I would love to have a suspended bed!

this is awesome

150x150CM Beautiful Big Tree Nature Vinyl Wall by lovebabysticker, $48.88

Unique hide away bed