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Maria Island Magpie

Green Magpie

paradise bird.... The majority of species are found in New Guinea and its satellites, with a few in the Maluku Islands and eastern Australia.

Opossum. Always thought they were so homely, but this lil' guy is so cute!!

Koalas - Kangaroo Island, South Australia...°

ORANGE-BELLIED FRUIT-DOVE - Ptilinopus iozonus . . . New Guinea, Aru Islands & Western Papuan Islands, Boigu Island - Queensland,

The Quokka is a native Australian animal found only on Rottnest Island, Western Australia.

Australian Bustard is a large ground bird of grassland, woodland and open agricultural country across northern Australia and southern New Guinea.

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Amur Tiger Panthera tigris altaica Cub Walking 1500px.jpg

The happiest animal in the world. #Quokka #Australia #animals Found only on Rottnest Island, Western Australia!

Quokka and her baby. Rottnest Island off the coast of #WesternAustralia, August 2012. Photo: Caitlin Schokker, cadywaah via Flickr #Quokka

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Tiny baby animals

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