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    Ancient theater of Aegira, Greece | Proba-2 eclipse | ESA’s Sun-watching Proba-2 satellite experienced three partial solar eclipses on 13 September 2015. On Earth, a single partial eclipse occurred over South Africa, the southern Indian Ocean and Antarctica.

    Melotte 15 - the Heart Nebula

    Messier 7, "My God, it's full of stars!"

    Orion rising over Tibet

    The Prawn Nebula in close-up Credit: ESO

    The Cygnus Wall & The North American Nebula

    Western Veil NGC6960 aka The Witches Broom

    The Twin Jet Nebula

    a black hole's surroundings, including its accretion disk, jet and magnetic field.

    The shimmering orb ESO 378-1, nicknamed the Southern Owl Nebula,

    The rich star cluster IC 4651 Credit: ESO

    The Lagoon Nebula, known as M8 or NGC 6523

    The star, WR 124, and the nebula M1-67 that surrounds it.

    NJ sky by Jeff Berkes Photography

    Jupiter's Great Red Spot

    Jupiter's Great Red Spot May Yield Its Colorful Secret in a Lab

    epic-earth 2015

    The Quintuplet Cluster

    Venus-moon-Jupiter-comet-7-19-2015-N Tauranga NZ

    Closeup of coronal loops in bright color on surface of sun

    The sun as seen by STEREO in 171 wavelength.