The Hunger Games’ Effie Trinket for China Glaze

The Hunger Games' Effie Trinket for China Glaze

A maquiagem inusitada do filme “Jogos Vorazes”

Ode to Effie: Hunger Games Countdown It’s finally here! Tomorrow, The Hunger Games (a.a the world’s-greatest-movie-ever) is hitting theaters. In honor of our favorite YA-lit trilogy and the release.

Just realized every store will have Effie Trinket Halloween costumes in a few months.

Another great eyelash design

False Eyelashes Made of Paper Celebrate Wildlife

La creación de Effie Trinket en la saga "Los Juegos del Hambre" necesita 45 minutos de #maquillaje diarios además de una variedad de pelucas y uñas que hacen juego con su ropa. #cine #thehungergames

The Hunger Games Movie's Crazy Hair and Makeup: All the Details

HUNGER GAMES MAGIC IN MAGENTA Effie’s heavily powdered face and bright pink makeup coordinate perfectly with her bold magenta suit and eye-c.

Sinister Black Lipstick Cosplay Gothic Makeup

Sinister Black Lipstick Cosplay Gothic Makeup

Blood Red Gothic Mascara Eye Lash Enhancer Cosplay Makeup from Dysfunctional Doll.

Effie Trinket from the hunger games

The Hunger Games Reveals Elizabeth Banks China Glaze Promo

Effie Trinkett, the official face of China Glaze's "Capitol Colors" series of nail polishes. I think she really is the face of the Capitol, y'all. Where else could you get eyelashes like that? I NEED THESE COLORS

Click Durante os Bastidores – 2 |

Click Durante os Bastidores - 2

three-time Academy Award-winning makeup artist Ve Neill talks of her favorite products and makeup industry tips

"Голодные игры"

Elizabeth Banks' Crazy Catching Fire Butterfly Dress: Hand Painted Feathers (Hunger Games: Catching Fire) - It would be interesting to do this for cosplay. Effie's costumes in the show are out of the world.

The best of Effie Trinket's outrageously awesome outfits from the Hunger Games and Catching Fire. How fun would it be to dress up in one of these costumes for Halloween?! #CapitolCouture

Effie Trinket: "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" Costume designer: Trish Summerville [bottom 2 are off-the-runway Alexander McQueen]

Essie looking fabulous! Hunger Games <3

HALLOWEEN BEAUTY SERIES: Effie Trinket “Hunger Games characters, such as Effie Trinket and Katniss Everdeen, will be big this Halloween,” said celebrity makeup artist Julie Tussey for Angelo David.