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    So true...i still miss him

    move on

    !#me likey!;)!

    It hurts more than you will ever get to know. And you are cruel. I know it. Not because you don't feel the same but, bc you how I feel and you use it still. I should hate you. Why can't I let go?

    This is so true. I'm experiencing this RIGHT now.

    at least respect me enough to tell me what's up. if you don't want to talk to me, just tell me. if I'm getting on your nerves, just let me know. if you're losing feelings, don't keep me waiting just to lead me on or play me. i at least deserve to know. so instead of keeping things to yourself, just be straight up and honest with me so i don't have to sit around looking stupid

    I Like to Pretend That Everything’s All Right, Because When Every Body Else Thinks You’re Fine, Sometimes You forget For a While That You’re Not ~ Life Quote

    miss you, miss you..

    The trouble with trouble is, it starts out as fun.


    i think this is me...

    I love this...lucky for me my firdt love was my first kiss....and is now my husband and will always be my one true love. He was the one I compared everyone too when we weren't together. But after losing touch for almost ten years we found each other again ♥♥ and we'll always be together


    No matter how much i want too, i am never going to forget you. You changed my life and showed me that there is hope. People tell me to move on and get over it but its not that easy. You are a part of my life that i cant erase no matter how hard i try i will never be over you

    "It's a lot easier to say you are made then hurt. Being hurt isn't bad... You should try it sometime. I'll do it with you." - Taryn

    fuck, how does he know

    Hard to realize but the truth


    So me.

    Don't settle for anyone who gives up on you #sorority #apparel #fraternity #custom #design #inspiration #quotes